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Greenwich Village guide, NYC

Greenwich Village in NYC guide:

Known as ‘the village’, Greenwich Village is situated on the lower west side of Manhattan Island in New York City. Once the home of Bohemian artists, it is now the home of rich and very rich film stars and upper middle-class families. 

Greenwich Village is bordered to the west by the Hudson River, to the south by Houston Street, by Broadway to the east, and 14th Street to the north. Once a rural hamlet, Greenwich Village has a less defined grid pattern of streets than the rest of Manhattan, which adds to the area’s immense charm. Some of the streets are narrow and turn sharply at odd and intriguing angles.

There is a clearly defined sense of community in Greenwich Village and despite the wealth of many of the local residents the attitudes are liberal and typical of people who Life in Greenwich Villagemake their living being creative.

Education is a key feature that gives the area its youth and vitality and the local universities that have campuses within Greenwich Village include:

Considered to be the heart of Greenwich Village is Washington Square Park but there is a good choice of other parks too and many city-funded children’s and young people’s playgrounds. ‘The Cage’ is in West 4th Street and has facilities for basketball, baseball, and American handball.

Performing arts are a major feature of the area and when people talk about shows “off Broadway” it usually means that the show is performed in one of the local venues in Greenwich Village, where there are also numerous jazz clubs and jazz cafés.

At the end of October, Greenwich Village hosts the New York’s Village Halloween Parade which is the largest Halloween parade in the USA.

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