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Best Breakfast Joints in Upper East Manhattan


There’s nothing quite like a New York holiday to refresh and revitalize the soul. The ‘city that never sleeps’ has so much to offer the discerning traveller that figuring out where to start is a challenge. You could, however, start by renting a New York apartment on the Upper East Side, as the choice of restaurants and cafés there is endless! To help you better plan your holiday, and get you ready for a full day’s exploration, we’ve scoured the best places to enjoy a full breakfast. So dig in and enjoy New York in all its morning glory, and start your days in culinary bliss.

Sarabeth’s Restaurant- C1295 Madison Avenue

Located on hip and trendy Madison Avenue, this inviting joint is a world away from the hustle and bustle of New York City streets. With its charming country-style décor, and extensive breakfast menu, this is the one place you may want to return to time and again. The in-house bakery is popular with locals and you’ll be amazed at how many people chose to start their day with something real tasty from Sarabeth’s. As the menu suggests, the omelettes really are ‘extraordinary’ and the range of organic ingredients here is marvellous. The fat and fluffy pancakes, served with fresh strawberries and topped with the best maple syrup you’re likely to savour, should satisfy the pickiest sweet tooth.Breakfast is served until 3.30pm, making this the ideal place should you wish to sleep in just a little on your vacation.

Candle 79 – 154 East 79th Street

Candle 79 is a fantastic vegan restaurant, offering incredible breakfast dishes. If the mere word ‘vegan’ is enough to make you roll your eyes, let us tell you that ‘healthy’ has never tasted this delicious! Candle 79 is consistently rated as one of the best restaurants in New York; even self-acclaimed carnivorous have deemed this place to be ‘one of the best eateries in town’.

Candle 79’s home-style pancakes are to die for! Topped with a ginger infused maple syrup, these pancakes will make grown men weak at the knees. This restaurant takes creative vegetarianism to a whole new level.

Le Pain Quotidien – 1131 Madison Ave

‘Dear Lord, give us today our daily bread’, or so the prayer says. Now we may not be particularly religious, but when it comes to loading up on carbs first thing in the morning whilst on holiday…we’ll make an exception. Le Pain Quotidien (or daily bread in French) is a bakery institution in Manhattan and an absolute must visit. Not only do they bake their own breads and pastries every day, but their range of homemade preserves, jams and cakes will certainly bring on a religious experience in even the most avid skeptic.

A true authentic NY breakfast

For the most authentic of all New York breakfasts, here’s a little insider tip: get up just before sunrise and head to Central Park. On your way, stop at the first pretzel street stand you come across and order afreshly baked pretzel and a take-away coffee. Next, find yourself a glorious bench in the Park and watch New York wake from its slumber in the most atmospheric and magical place in town.

Manhattan – Where To Stay

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