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Best Shopping Guide to Chelsea, NYC


The NY suburb of Chelsea has certainly come a long way in the last few decades. Once home to a vast array of run-down housing projects (and renowned for a more shady character), it has blossomed into one of New York ’s trendiest suburbs. The city’s best art galleries, restaurants and café are found here, as are some of the city’s very best shopping opportunities. Not only is Chelsea the place to go to for international designer stores, but it is also the headquarters of New York’s finest produce market and boasts some unique stores as well.

Book Chelsea holiday apartment and follow our guide to this prime suburb’s other shopping gems. You’ll be guaranteed of an unforgettable New York vacation.

Chelsea Markets, Old Nabisco Building

Regarded as New York’s best food-lover’s destination, Chelsea Market is the place to visit if organic epicurean treats are what you crave. Located on the whole ground floor of the old Nabisco Building (the birthplace of the Oreo biscuit), this glorious produce market could be reason enough to rent a self-catering apartment in Chelsea!

What’s on offer at Chelsea Markets? Everything! From delectable baked goodies to top quality meats, fruit, vegetables and cheeses; the Markets are an epicurean attraction of the highest order. What makes it extra special is the variety of goods, which also includes hand-made arts and crafts, souvenirs, chocolate, flowers and everything in between.

You can sample the local produce in one of the many eateries, pack a picnic basket for the day or buy all the fresh food you desire for your New York stay. The Chelsea Markets is where most cooking shows on the Food Network are filmed, including the ultra-popular Iron Chef; so come rub shoulders with culinary royalty and take your senses on a feast they’ll never forget.

New York Vintage, 117 West 25th Street

If you’ve seen a NY celebrity walking down the red carpet wearing a vintage designer dress, chances are her stylist bought it at New York Vintage. If the mere thought of a bohemian fashion splurge has you swooning with lust, then make a bee-line for New York Vintage! This is where the city’s chic queens update their wardrobe, and is the final resting place of some of the most stunning designer vintage clothes in the whole country.

Well…until they make it to your wardrobe that is.

Infinitely alternative and mesmerizing, New York Vintage may not offer ‘bargains’ as such, but their collections, which span over the last 100 years of haute-couture, are truly priceless.

Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit, 5 West 19th Street

An especially good find for the self-catering tourist is this funky wine shop on West 19th Street. Not only does it showcase the best drops from around the world (365 of them, one for every day of the year!), but they’re also split up in accordance with which meal or occasion they suit best. The staff will also help you choose that perfect gift-bottle and Bottlerocket also organizes world-wide shipping for extra convenience. Prices range from $10 to $1000, so finding that perfect New York souvenir will be super easy.

Bottlerocket also holds weekly wine appreciation classes, free of charge, so book your glass and come appreciate some fantastic drops.

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