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Best Steak Restaurants in Midtown East, New York

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Carnivores of the world unite, for we have discovered steak nirvana! Should you be planning a holiday in New York soon you should note that, while visiting the Empire State Building or the Rockefeller Centre are undoubtedly on the top of your ‘to do’ list, there’s something else you must absolutely not miss: the best steaks in the world! Ever heard of the New York Sirloin? Well then read on and salivate!

Steak is BIG business in the Big Apple and competition is stiff…just ask Peter Luger! His Brooklyn restaurant, which has been going since the late 1800s, is widely recognized as the cradle of steakhouse history, and was rated the Best in New York for almost a quarter of a century. But times change and nowadays, the best charcoaled beef is to be found in Midtown East.

For a truly authentic New York steak, book your New York vacation rental in Midtown East and head to one (or all) of the following restaurants, and taste a little bit of American history.

Ben & Jack’s Steak House, 219 E 44th St

In recent years, Peter Luger has gone through a lot of personnel. We hear he’s an excellent boss actually, but in this case, most of his staff left the iconic joint to open a steakhouse of their own; taking all their experience with them.

Ben & Jack’s is a prime example, and a recent addition to the steakhouse scene. Two brothers, who both worked for Luger, not only opened their own grill house, but managed to poach the head chef and maître d from their former boss. Their specialty is prime porterhouse steaks, and we assure you these are as juicy and tender as they come. Ben & Jack’s also offer an extensive seafood menu (all of prime quality), so this is the place to come to if you have a less-than-carnivorous companion. Servings are generous and the top-notch quality of the cuisine reverberates through the desserts and wine lists as well.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, 4 Park Ave

Here’s another delicious Luger spin-off! Mr Wolfgang spent almost four decades in Brooklyn, and he finally fulfilled his dream of opening up his very own steakhouse. Serving superlative steaks in an exquisitely elegant restaurant, Wolfgang’s obliterates the notion that ‘all steakhouses are created equal’ and gifts a truly delectable dining experience. The owner’s passion and dedication to his namesake restaurant is clearly evident.

Sitting comfortably on the higher end of the steakhouse spectrum, make your holiday in New York an unforgettable one and book an evening out your taste buds will never forget.

Sparks, 210 E 46th St

Now who would have thought that a shooting in your restaurant would do such wonders for business? Meh…
Sparks is the kind of steakhouse you come to, if the Sopranos and The Godfather rate amongst your most favorite flicks. Established in the mid-60s by two Italian immigrant brothers, Sparks gained (somewhat infamous) glory when it was the scene of a bloody Corleone-style mob hit in the 1970s. Well…you know these hot blooded Italians..perhaps the unfortunate chap offended the chef?

Some argue that it seems as though the décor has not changed much since the bygone mafia days, but we’re quite partial to a little historical wining and dining. The food is still fantastic, the service a little on the antagonistic side (no offence, really!!), but the atmosphere here is second to none; so book a table at Sparks whilst on a holiday in New York and let the chef make you steak you may not want to refuse.

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