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Beautiful Bryant Park in Midtown West, New York

Bryant Park

In a sometime frantic and vibrant city like New York, a natural refuge is what locals crave the most. In Midtown West, that famed oasis in the smog comes in the shape of Bryant Park, a delightfully and thoroughly enjoyable reprieve from the big city lights. You too could enjoy the attractions and relaxing atmosphere of Bryant Park if you choose a Midtown West holiday rental apartment on your next NY vacation. After all…there’s only so much shopping, sightseeing and walking one can manage before needing a well-earned break.

Found just east of Times Square, Bryant Park may be minute compared to Central (really, which park isn’t?), but it offers quite a lot to both visitors and locals, who flock here every day to enjoy a lunch-break in peace and tranquility. Merely a storage space and drug trafficking hub a few decades ago, Bryant Park has been recently restored and has swiftly gained popularity with locals. Nowadays it is also known as the home of the New York Fashion Week shows, a feat even Central Park couldn’t pull off!

The park’s look has a very European feel, and indeed it was designed with a French provincial garden in mind. The plantings are changed every year, the fountains and walking paths kept in pristine conditions, and there are thousands of comfy garden chairs scattered throughout the park for visitors to use. It also boasts plenty of shaded spots and free wi-fi so it attracts a young and hip crowd, who prefers studying here rather than at home or in a school library.

Young tots will be delighted by the colourful carousel (complete with French cabaret soundtrack, how cute can it get?) and adults and children alike will be just as delighted in wintertime, when the central pond of the gardens turns into a free to use skating rink. In summertime, nightly open air cinema screenings attract families and youngsters, and there is always some form of live entertainment going on all year round.

There are several eateries in-garden and, during the months of November to January, over 100 stalls converge here to sell souvenirs, food and artefacts. A much more elegant dining experience can be had at the Bryant Park Grill, or one can simply bring a blanket and a packed picnic basket and enjoy the superlative outdoor settings. If you’re in the mood, hire a scrabble or checkers game board from the kiosk near the pond and you could spend a glorious afternoon learning the art of doing sweet nothing. Ahh…the joys of holidaying!

Staying nearby will also gift you the chance to join one of the free Tai Chi classes given at the park in spring and summer mornings, or one of the many evening concerts shown all year round.

New York City certainly has something to offer everyone yet, sometimes, it’s the small discovered gems which can turn a simple vacation into a truly memorable affair. Staying in Midtown West will not only ensure you have the best of the grand city attractions at your doorstep, but it will also put you a little bit closer to Bryant Park, one of the emerging treasures of this amazing capital.

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