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Inside Manhattan

Getting to New York City


For international travellers from the UK, Europe and Asia, there are many different ways of getting to New York City. There are three international and domestic airports in the city as well as several smaller airports.

Domestically, a reliable and efficient network of airports, bus terminals and train stations serves the city.Amtrak and other smaller commuter rails also serve New York and the city is well connected to the rest of the country by a number of major highways.

NYC by air

The JFK (John F. Kennedy) International Airport is located in Queens, New York. This airport handles most of the air traffic going into the city and is the international hub for many large airline companies like American airlines and Delta Airlines. Newark Liberty Airport is located in Newark in the western part of New York and this airport handles many of the flights by airline companies like Continental Airlines. New York’s last major airport is LaGuardia Airport. It is one of the oldest surviving airports in the world. More information on flights to New York, USA.

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Flight deck into La Guardia

NYC by Rail

Travellers who choose to go by train can make use of the Amtrak. The Amtrak stops to unload and take in passengers at the New York Penn Station located underneath Madison Square Garden. This station is one of the largest train stations in America’s East Coast. Various commuter rails like the Metro-North Rail, the Long Island Rail Road and the New Jersey Transit also serve New York City.

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Port Authority and Greyhound buses

New York’s main bus terminal is the Port Authority Bus terminal. This is where most Greyhound Buses stop to take on passengers. Visitors to NYC will also find that there are several other bus companies to choose from that offer daily trips to and from New York City to other points in the country.

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