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A Stroll Down 5th Avenue, NYC

Fifth Avenue

There are certainly worst things a girl could do, than spend a full day exploring famous Fifth Avenue in New York ! There’s shopping to be done, delicious yummies to be tried, more shopping to be done. Oh, and one should probably visit a museum or two. Probably…ok yes, definitely. Must fit in a museum visit.

Renowned as one of the most expensive streets in the world, Fifth Avenue is home to prestigious designer brand boutiques. It is often said that being able to open a store on this stretch of pavement is the designer equivalent of winning an Oscar, or perhaps a Nobel Shopper’s Prize. As Ol’ Blue Eyes serenaded, ‘if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere.’ But there’s a whole lot more to Fifth Avenue than just shopping…apparently. This celebrated address is also home to some of the city (if not the country’s) most revered museums.

So making it here you must! Rent a room around Fifth Avenue in New York, and you’ll be assured of an unforgettable day in the Big Apple.

Fifth Avenue Eating

We could follow Audrey Hepburn’s steps and start the day by havingbreakfast at Tiffany’s. You may want to munch on a pretzel while drooling over the window display; but finding a gorgeous café instead is a better idea. Head to Bottega del Vino for a delicious breakfast, and you could be drooling over freshly baked croissants, perfectly cooked omelettes and the most delicious cappuccinos in town.

It just so happens, that this fantastic restaurant sits right on the most strategic of all Fifth Avenue corners. The corner with 59ht Street denotes the magical separation line of Fifth Avenue; avid shoppers head left, and discerning art lovers head right towards Central Park. The most imprudent planners (men) believe one must choose; but astute multi-taskers (women) know that there’s an easy way to do both. Head in one direction, hop on a bus to the starting point, and then peruse the other side. Geniuses we are!

Fifth Avenue Shopping

The Shopping Mile is the kind of place women (and men) can easily swoon over. It is simply bursting at the seams with designer shops, from Louis Vuitton, to Gucci and Versace; a shopping spree here (whether virtual or very much factual) is the perfect way to spend your morning. The ground floor of famous Trump Tower is a brilliant starting point. While you lose yourself in the Gucci flagship store, inform your Mr Bigthat the building is actually a modern feat of engineering, and encourage him to explore its every strut and reinforced beam. This ought to buy you at least an hour of blissful spending.

Fifth Avenue Sightseeing

As you keep walking down the pavement of heaven, you may find yourself distracted by the sight of a magnificent construction on the left hand side. St Patrick’s Cathedral is one of New York’s finest attractions, and a brilliant way to give your feet (and credit card) a little rest.

This 135-year-old Gothic inspired Cathedral takes up a whole city block, and is a true feast for the eyes. The tallest spires rise almost 100 meters in the air, and the minute detailing of the stone carvings are just incredible. Intensive restorations works are currently underway, but you should still be able to step inside for a peek. A brilliant sculpted copy of Michelangelo’s Pieta’ is only one of many artworks you can admire. From brilliantly carved altars, to exquisite frescos and unique stained glasswork, St Patrick’s Cathedral is certainly a sight not to be missed.

The other highlights on this end of Fifth Avenue include the Empire State Building and the Museum of Sex (counts, doesn’t it?); but for true bona fide Museums, do bid a melancholic farewell to the store windows and head back to Bottega del Vino. Lunch anyone?

Fifth Avenue Museum Hopping

Central Park is just the perfect backdrop for some of the world’s most stunning museums. The elite who settled here in the 18 & 1900s built some of the city’s most splendid mansions, and many of those have now been turned into state-of-the-art museums.

The most famous ones to visit on the Museum Mile would have to be the Metropolitan Art and the Guggenheim Museums.

The ‘Met’ is home to over 2 million exhibits, is one of the world’s biggest museums, and boats a truly international appeal. From ancient African, European and Islamic art, there’s not a spot of the world, or foreign culture, which is not represented. To do it justice, plan to spend at least three hours here!

The Guggenheim Museum, on the other hand, is a mix of modern andfuturistic art interpretation. The building itself is an artistic wonder, and the museum is home to some of the world’s most important work of the Impressionist, Surrealist and Modern eras. First opened in 1959, ongoing exhibitions include visual art displays and even musical shows!

Make a pilgrimage to Fifth Avenue on your next New York holiday, and discover how a single street can provide such blissful delights.

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