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Top 10 Reasons to Stay in Times Square, New York

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Times Square, arguably the world’s most famous plaza, epitomizes all that is so inherently New Yorker: lively, dazzling and incredibly hypnotic. Over 26 million tourists flock to the heart of the Big Apple every year, realizing that what once was an area to avoid is now the safest, most entertaining and eclectic hub in the whole city. With fantastic shopping, incredible dining, drinking, sightseeing and more neon-light-feasting than possibly anywhere else on earth, New York ’s Times Square packs a punch in every which way possible. Sure, you’ll wonder far and wide in this sparkling city, in a bid to visit the most popular sites and experience the variety of activities on offer, but if it’s a truly authentic New York experience you’re after, then book your holiday rental accommodation in Times Square and you can take advantage of everything this dynamic address has to offer.


Top 10 reasons why staying in Times Square

1) It’s safe

Times Square boasts the largest crowds anywhere in the city, there’s a healthy hive of activity here pretty much 24/7; it’s extremely well lit and effectively policed, making it the ideal strolling place no matter how late it gets. If you suffer from jetlag and need a few minutes’ walk to try to tire yourself out, popping downstairs for a short stroll around the square will be effortless. Of course, you will run the risk of waking yourself up completely what with all the lights, sounds and smells you’ll be engulfed with, yet if there’s a place where you can safely spend a whole night walking around…that would be Times Square!

2) It’s incredibly pedestrian friendly

NY’s mayor has recently declared a vast part of Times Square pedestrian-only, so it’s infinitely safer and much more enjoyable spending hours on end ogling at the sights and enjoying the vibe, without worrying about street crossing and traffic-dodging.

3) It’s the birthplace of the Broadway shows

Chance are you’ll want to catch a brilliant Broadway show whilst visiting New York and, considering you’ll need to be in Times Square to buy your tickets and get to the theatres, what better way to save on both hassle and walking time then by being right in the centre of the action? Plan to spend a memorable night in one of the many theatres on Broadway and come experience the most famous shows on earth!

4) It offers an insane amount of shopping options

Shopping can be considered synonymous with New York and it’s right in Times Square where you can indulge in the most extensive (yet inexpensive) retail therapy session ever. The mega-stores, trendy boutiques and small ‘mom and pop’ stores run the gamut from clothing (lots of gorgeous local and imported brands), electronics, souvenirs, shoes, books and a huge amount of chocolate and candy stores. Spending your time and money in Times Square would have to rate as one of the best things to do in the city! Sure, you may even have a few of the same stores in your home city, yet browsing through them here in Times Square is somehow more enthralling with all the chaotic energy the place is drenched in.

5) It boasts an equally insane amount of restaurants

From themed restaurants to small holes in the wall, hot-dog stands and high-rise bars, Times Square is as varied in its gastronomic offerings as it is in its shopping and entertaining options. From Italian pizzerias to Brazilian churrascarias, Japanese sushi bars and old-school ribs and steakhouses, Times Square is an international smorgasbord of delicacies.

6) It’s great for families

If you’re travelling with children, you may not want to tell them that Times Square is home to the world’s largest toy store, as well as a plethora of game halls, an IMAX theatre, various cinemas and more yummy kiddie-oriented candy stores than even you could resist. They may never want to leave…

7) It’s close to major attractions

Getting bored in or of Times Square is an impossibility, yet stepping out of its boundaries for a single day (or even an hour) is also very easy and extremely rewarding. Some of the city’s best attractions are nearby, so visiting places like Rockefeller Centre, Central Park, NBC Studios, 5th Avenue, Madame Tussauds, Madison Square Gardens and the Empire State Building (among many others) is a hassle-free affair.

8) It’s best experienced at night

The over-indulgence of neon lighting may be what Times Square is most renowned for, yet as overwhelming during the day, experiencing it at night is one of those unmissable New York experiences. Want to catch a subway late at night, or walk long distances, to come experience Times Square at its very best? Didn’t think so! Stay nice and close and all you’ll need to do is step outside your front door.

9) All subways lead to Times Square

The heart of New York is, unsurprisingly, home to more subway line-connections than anywhere else in the city. Getting out and about and reaching every corner of the city is infinitely easy if you chose to stay in Times Square.

10) It’s a heck of a lot more than just bright lights!

Times Square boasts a long and illustrious history and embodies the rise and rise of the entire city (if not the country) in more ways than one. If you want to learn more about the history of Times Square, don’t forget to include a visit to the Visitor Centre and Museum housed in the historic Embassy Theatre.


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