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Top 3 Spas in Brooklyn, NYC


Visiting a spa in Brooklyn, New York , is kind of an inception experience…you know…a holiday within a holiday! Spend a few hours (or an entire day) in one of the many luxurious beauty havens in Brooklyn and you’ll be rejuvenated to within an inch of your life. Soak, scrub, wrap and massage your way to a whole new you and make your New York vacation one you’ll never forget.

Don’t know where to go? Well here’s the good news! We’ve scoured Brooklyn and tested the best spas in the area (tough gig, we know). Here’s a list of our top 3 spas for your indulging pleasures.

Body By Brooklyn Spa and Lounge, Clinton Hill

Adored by its long established clientele, the Body by Brooklyn Spa and Lounge is preceded by its impeccable reputation. Hailed as a feast for all the senses, the spa covers an area of over 900 square meters! This much luxuriating space tends to have a rather euphoric effect on people.Unsurprisingly, the list of treatments offered here is quite extensive. When you consider one can include 10 different treatment rooms, various spa baths, saunas, soaking pools and even a Turkish Hammam in the complex (not to mention an in-house bar and restaurant), choosing just one treatment to indulge in can be a little challenging. So, do what we did and spend the whole day here! Day passes are available, and some of the more expensive packages include them.

Follow our lead and have a morning facial, then sip on a martini and relax, then perhaps have a full-body Swedish massage, then hop into the hydrotherapy wet lounge, enjoy a healthy and delicious lunch, before being pampered some more in the afternoon with a fabulous manicure and pedicure. Sound pretty tough? It really was. We had to stay back for one last martini just to recover from the stress!

Learn more on their site at or their Facebook at

D’mai Urban Spa, 157 5th Avenue

Veiled behind an unassuming shop front on 5th Avenue is one of Brooklyn’s most indulgent spas. The lovely people at D’mai Urban Spa promise an exquisite escape like no other and they certainly deliver. The luscious Balinese setting, in one of the most urban parts of New York, is a sight to behold. It looks like Bali, it smells like Bali (the good parts), dear Lord it feels like you’re IN Bali!A white wooden boardwalk, bordered on both sides by luscious palms, fresh flowers and inviting lounge chairs is a delightful welcome. Every treatment room is tastefully decorated, with little chic touches on every corner. The spa offers a vast array of treatments, including several massage therapies, organic facial treatments, various scrubs and masks and a multitude of waxing treatments if that’s what you’re after. D’mai caters to couples as well and you can enjoy various treatments in the company of your beloved. We suggest you find ANY reason to go…but first visit the D’mai Urban Spa website for directions and up-to-date prices.

Cynergy Spa, 87 Fort Greene Place

Any spa voted provider of the ‘best massage in NYC’ is worth a closer look. Cynergy Spa may be small in size than any of the other spas we’d visited, but by no means less beautiful. In fact, it was warm and cozy and the intimacy much more flagrant. What we’d highly recommend isgoing for a Birthday Package, even if it’s not your birthday! This is an all day affair which will delight you from head to toe. It includes an initial soak in a bath of rose petals (Cleopatra eat your heart out), a one hour aromatherapy massage, a facial, a paraffin hand & foot treatment and, to top it all off, a champagne lunch. This package is so good it’s almost worth changing your birth date by deed poll just to take advantage of it. Learn more from their official site at

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